School Rules

Discipline is mental and physical self control resulting into Orderliness , proper submission of capacity & co-operation ‘’ the school operates houses system through houses captain,vice-captain & prefects. Senior children are involved in running the school to the extent possible & thus they learn to shoulder responsibility, take initiative & decision & also how to execute them with the support cooperation of other students & teachers. Authority is delegated to the senior student so that they become responsible & develop trust & get sense of fulfillment.

Houses are given

  • Prosperity: Green
  • Victory: Red
  • Radiance: Yellow
  • Wisdom: Blue


Library Rules

  • Pupils can borrow one book at a time and may keep the same for three days and the issue may be renewed for the same period once.
  • Reference books, Encyclopedias are to be used in the library only.
  • If the books is not returned in time a fine of Rs. 1.00 will be levied,per day of delay.
  • For any book torn, damaged or lost, the cost price will be charged from the borrower.


Certain Rules For Students

  • Students of all the classes should attend the assembly in the morning. Late arrival after the first 5 minutes may not be admitted to class without the principal’s permission.
  • Parents or their servants are not to enter any class room . no outsider is allowed to be on the premises till it is time to take the children home.
  • No child is to be absent without leave application . in case of infectious diseases, no child should return to school without a medical certificate.
  • No jewellery is to be worn except a wrist watch and no make up of any kind is to be used . nails are to be kept short and clean.
  • Boys should keep their hair very short.
  • Present to members of the staff , or other demonstration in their honour require the principal’s prior sanction
  • Any kind of damage done to school article or premises by student to be made good by him /her.


General Rules

                                                                                  Parents To Note

  1. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see to it that their wards prepare their lessons and take active interest in the activities of the school.
  2. It is very much appreciated when parents respond readily and attend the Parents Teacher Meeting held every month and other school events. It is only with the cooperation of the parents that the school can promote the all around development of the pupils.
  3. Parents are requested to foster in their wards habits of neatness and punctuality, qualities of politeness and courtesy of speech,good conduct, cleanliness of dress and person.
  4. Parents/guardians are not allowed to go to the classrooms to meet their words or their teacher during the school hours without the sanction of the principal.
  5. Parents/guardians are to sign progress reports, or any other information when so required. Failure to do so may cause grant mutual inconvenience.
  6. Parents/guardians are requested not to send for their wards during the class hours, except in case of unforeseen circumstance or serious illness and in such case half-day leave may be granted if parents/guardians come with a duly signed application to fetch their ward.
  7. It has constantly been stressed by the educationists that co-curricular activities and hobbies enhance the personality of children and bring out the talents in them and make them aware of the large potentiality that is dormant in them. We have various activities in the school like Games and Sports, Drama, Quizzes, Elocution, Art, Craft etc. which play an important role in building a good and healthy physique, character and discipline in the pupils. What your ward is, he/she can do, will be discovered only in these activities and play a great role in the development of your ward. .
  8. No pupil will be exempted from PT without a doctor’s certificate or a written request from the parents to that effect. Those who are thus excused must have their certificate countersigned by the Principal and watch the physical exercises
  9. Parents/guardians are requested not to disturb the pupils while the school is on. In case of emergency, they should obtain a written permission from the principal to meet the pupils.
  10. Irregular attendance, neglect of work, habitual lack of interest in schoolwork, stealing, misconduct even outside the school premises, willful repeated breach of school regulations are sufficient reasons, which mark him/her liable to disciplinary action.
  11. The principal can, in the interest of the school and /or the pupil himself/herself insist on the withdrawal of the pupil for the following reasons.
  12. Where a pupil fails to come up to or maintain the academic standards required by the institution.
  13. Where in the opinion of the principal, a pupil has failed to accept and maintain the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is detrimental to the moral tone of the school.
  14. Where a pupils suffering from a disease, is likely to affect the health of other pupils.
  15. Pupils are required to compensate or make good any damage, willfully, carelessly or negligently made to the school property like library books, lab equipment, furniture, school building etc. To the extent of damage/loss.
  16. The Principal has the right to suspend a pupil for any serious breach of discipline or scandalous behavior
  17. Suggestion or complaints if any are to be made in writing with full name of the child, class, section. Any change in a pupil’s address and telephone number must immediately be notified to the school office by the parents/guardians
  18. Parents/guardians are to see that the day to day home assignments are completed by their wards at home it self before they set out for school and the home work assigned in the school diary is signed daily.
  19. Any personal threat to and/or pressure on the staff members, teaching or non-teaching by parents/guardians in any form will be viewed seriously and will call for a strict disciplinary action to the extent of dismissal of their wards
  20. Any pupil found to have tendency towards stealing, using indecent language or Showing disrespect to teacher or having any other destructive tendency, will be asked to be withdrawn even during the academic session
  21. Parents /guardians are responsible to take away their wards within 15 minute after the school gets over, just as much as they are responsible to beings .The school will not be responsible to bring /send them at least 5 minutes before the school begins. The school will not be responsible for their wards after this time limit
  22. Parents / guardians not showing sufficient interest in the progress of their wards or failing to comply with the rules and regulations given above will be requested to withdraw their wards from the school at the end of the school session.
  23. Parents / guardians and pupils must be fully acquainted with the rules and regulation contained with the rules and regulation contained in the diary, ignorance of the rules will be no excuse.
  24. For the sake of uniformity and quality pupils must use exercise books supplied by the authorised booksellers and school diaries for home assignments.
  25. In no cases send mobile phones with your wards. If he is found carrying a mobile/I pod / camera it will be confiscated and returned only when the parents come

   Pupils to Note

  1. All student be in the school premises 5 minutes before the school commences for the day to be present in time for the Morning Assembly .No pupil is exempted from the morning assembly unless they have some serious reason. Latecomers may be debarred from entering the school premises /classes unless they come with a letter of excuse from the parents or guardians.
  2. Pupils must come to school in clean school uniform, polished shoes, clean and trimmed nails, and trimmed hair for boys and well plaited hair for girls..
  3. At the first bell all must fall in immediately. Pupils are expected to obey the prefects appointed by the school
  4. While going from one class room to another for special subjects, all shall move in an orderly manner under the supervision of their own tiffin and have it in class..
  5. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises during working hours without the written permission of the Principal. Permission will be granted only when there is a request from the parents to that effect in writing. The school disclaim any responsibility of safety of those infringe the above their parents / guardians..
  6. No pupils suffering from any contagious or infection disease shall be permitted to attend the school unless certified by a qualified Doctor.
  7. Gifts to the member of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour, require the previous sanction of the Principal. Gifts from parents to teacher or demonstration in their honour are not allowed.
  8. Gifts to the member of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour, require the previous sanction of the Principal. Gifts from parents to teacher or demonstration in their honour are not allowed
  9. All pupil are expected to speak in the medium of instruction i.e. English in the school campus. This is for the benefits of the pupils , academically.
  10. Every pupil must endeavor to keep up the high moral of the institutions by excelling in food manners and courtesy and by fostering good family spirit among the fellow pupils.
  11. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of all their books and other belongings while at school.
  12. Pupils are not to wear/bring valuables like gold ring/chains or any other jewellery inside the school campus. Hence the school disclaims all responsibility.
  13. Collection of money and selling of articles of any description among the pupils inside the school campus needs the Principal’s written permission.
  14. No books other than the ones prescribed by the school for class studies are allowed Magazines and periodicals should not be brought to school without the sanction of the Principal.
  15. Scribbling on walls, desks and boards forbidden as it is a bad habit and is highly detrimental to the good reputation of the school. Cleanliness should be maintained in and around the classrooms. Pupils are to use the dustbins kept for the purpose..