School an Overview

Sacred Heart School was established by Sacred Heart Educational Society in 1990 with the aim of equal education opportunity for boys and girls as co-educational institution. It is Administrated by the Sacred Heart Educational Society, Rajiv Nagar. A Social and education Organization registered in Lucknow under the U.P. Societies Act XXI of 1860.The school is a private unaided institute affiliated to the Cental Board of Secondary Education up to class XII. Admission is open to everyone on the basis of merit without any discrimination of religion ,caste creed or culture.
The Sacred Heart School aim at imparting to its pupil a sound moral , emotional, intellectual and physical education. It is committed to integral education of all pupils which would enable them to be global citizen worthy of this great nation.

  • Equal Education opportunity To every one
  • Aware educational and social responsibility to future of India.
  • supporting right of education


“JYOTIRGAMAYA” as the name can notes ,signifies,’towards enlightenment”.It means spreading of light . We equip our students with knowledge so that they can illuminate the society and the world with their enlightened heart and intelligence .We pay special emphasis on their moral values,physical fitness,dignity,and mental alertness. Children entering the school may thus realise the true meaning of life and leave with “Sacred Heart” to face the world.